Friday, July 30, 2010

..The Re..

=Just be happy, Just be you=


=What will I do if I stop while the world is spinning?=
(just stay a while, dear.. close your eyes and feel free)


=I miss the way I walk beside you=


=sometimes.. you will feel that nobody but you.. only you=
(Sad but true.. we all do feels that sometimes..)

..Just don't try this at home..

=I'm freezing...= of brotherhood..

=here, sleep by my side=
(I wish I have a bro.. )

..I love you, Bro..

=I will take care of you...=
(I wish I could have that hugs.. ^^)

..sing a lullaby..

=hhhhhrrrrr..... hhhhrrrrrrr=
(ouuuwh.. my kathy sweety baby.. ^^)

..keep playing..

=punch punch.. hitch hitch=
(my cool miaowww! ^^)

..Work work work!!..

=Don't Disturb!!=
(I will stay away.. haha don't worry..)


(Okay... I wont change anything, dude)