Tuesday, July 22, 2008

..loosing a moment..

=Zikhry: I dont know how it will end..=

.late date.

=dizzy driver: I'm sure she'll kill me! I should speed more..=

.a constant state of crisis.

=so? hows our plans?=

..a hard life..

=hiding from this pathetic world=

..lady rain..

=look at the lady: she does have an eye for beautiful things=

..chasing bike..

=The man: shoot, I should have been there NOW!=
(careful, dude!)

..take mommy's..

=let me take yours, ma..=


=train to yourself to let go for everything you're afraid to loose=
(sigh.. just inhale and let it go)


=timeless, I'll wait for you=

..imperfectly beautiful..

=Bruised But Not Broken=


=when you're high on a mountain you cannot be anything but what you are=

..so dying..

=you've breaking my heart, you're going down to the path that I cant follow..=

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


=Zikhry: Look at that sky. It's so alive and festive=
(What? I'm too busy stealing your moment, dude!)