Tuesday, December 9, 2008

.a vision.

=Dian: "I see him there"=

.a kiss.

=I love you, sis=


=Qentang: "how do I look? is it okay? is it good?"=

.what she told me.

=See...?! I told you sooooooooooooooooo..!!!=
(Okay, my mistakes....)

.football player.

=I'm the goal keeper=

.a peasant.

=he's thinking about life, maybe, just a maybe=

.shy boy.

=Just a simple smile that melts all the girls' heart=

.little drummer.

=Look at me then tell me about the music, do you like it?=

Monday, December 8, 2008


=let us show our bright shine eyes...=

.the mising theeth.

=cute smile you have there, dude=

.rare beauty.

=smiles in between=

.just a kid.

=I was just chasing out the sun=

.a deal.

=Eko: "so, now, what do you think about it?"=
(well, you have very good pose there, buddy)

.broken hearted.

=mas joko: "why she leaves me...."=

.step a side.

=prepare.... the battle has just begun...=

.new talent.

=dude look! we have new talent there!!=

.new style of a photographer.

=okay guys, mayday mayday! we need back-up!=
(look!! he just one step a head from that dirty pool)

..the mirrors..

=How can we pull her out from there?=
(Dian, with her beautiful smile, is trapped)