Saturday, June 28, 2008

..a lullaby..

=underneath the rain=
(Caught in an angle of time)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

..purple lady..

=I need a moment to deliberate=
(I must seem greatly intriguing)

..miss the train..

=the only thing you can do to a dissaster is acceptance=

..dizzy part two..

=Zikhry: I'm sure the address was here!=
(always get lost, buddy?)

..dragon road..

=Nothing is more imperative and delightful than seeing high view=
(I took it from: 13/F, Lai Chi Kok Engineering Centre II, my office)


=Zikhry: Darn! Where's the road heading to the bus stop?=
(scratching your head doesn't help much, bro)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

..the impalpable ash..

=it's like a crystal sun, at the red branch, beautiful!=
(looking at the slow summer at my window)

..conquer the sky..

=went through it=
(Nian Lian Garden, Diamond Hill)

..a glimps..

=ignorance is a bless=
(gosh! I love traditional building)


=silence is their witness=
(poor little bird)

..up side down..

=You take the up side, and I'll take down there=
(I steal their good moments ^__^)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

..the silent of the lad..

=workout your salvation with fear and trembling=
(where silence is everything)

..missing his girlfriend..

=Zikhry: "I can see your face thru this summer sky"=
(it's been so hard to live very far away from the one that you love)

..between choices..

=don't let yourself stuck to choose between two good men=
(to preserve your sanity, just dont make urself hard)

..perfect stranger..

=just quiet and alone=
(you're right, saying it loud doesnt make it right)

..finding you..

=I can't find her in this map=
(Buddy, you gotta out there for real)

..a hate..

=Zikhry: "You are the girl I thought you never were!"=
(a hate sometimes stuck inside you, if you decided to be to)