Monday, July 30, 2007

..freezing space..

=Caca: can we just stop the time?..=
(I often see him get along with his quiet since the one that he loves leaves a deep hole in his heart)

Sunday, July 29, 2007


=Icha: Is my Boss around????=
( (_ .. _)\ I colapse, got fainted)

=a hobby=

=Drawing things=
(I only did it when my works just flewn like hell)

=that man=

=It's Re. He's my precious=

..Boss Wanna be..

=Icha: May I help you?=
(well engineering things indeed a bit boring, but I think you should take it anyway, Icha my friend)

Friday, July 20, 2007

..a freedom..

=Icha: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa=
(I am damn good woman photographer)

..On the rooftop..

=Icha: look at those tiny cars=
(yeah right, I have to climb more higher to capture that)

..thinking hard..

=this not thinking, maybe a bit more daydreaming =
(I always do that kind of style if get pictured)

..talking with god..

=in my silence=
(you do need a moment to be alone)

..baloon face..

=Lia: oouuuww... this is my baloon=
(life's indeed complicated)

..teasing icha..

=Maurice: wanna bet??!!=
(well, sometimes the game is getting rough)


=Zikhry: Waaaa I'm falling!!!=
(fainted (_-_)\ ... )

..miss the blitz..

=guess: who's taking the picture of whom?=
(hahaha.. no comment for this bro!)

..between the boys..

=This is me, with my engineer friends=
(Ardi, Reza on the back, and Zikhry with peace)

..detective partner..

=with Zikhry, my detective partner=
(I wonder, where's the gun????)

..all wet..

=Playing at amusement park: DUFAN=
(look at our differences)


=24 Hour Bullshit=
(cannot quiet tell how tired it would be)

..a stare..

=Lia: wot d'ya looking at=
(Ummm... she's really scared me when do that stare)

..itchy bitchy mae..

=Icha: See?? do you like my sexy hair=
(gyahahaha I bet she's gonna kill me after this upload)

..hate the boss..

=Lia: I still don't get it, why he can be such a jerk!=
(Hahaha.. being jerk? well, people do)

=a date=

=Zikhry and his new boyfriend=
(I should find a real pretty girl for him)

..miss piggy..

=Reality R.E.A.L.L.Y makes her really pist=
(well, I'm speechless)

..cute bunny..

=Nayla Salsabila - faccia d'angelo=
(my cute niece)

..a mess..

=Sometimes hell jobs can make you C.R.A.Z.Y=
(but I suposse, chocolate could make your craziness a bit more low)