Thursday, September 27, 2007

..poor engineer..

=watch his jacket=
(maybe somebody should buy him a new jacket)

..Sang Tjok..

=Being single and happy? watch him!=

..female warrior..

=Icha: I have counted until 135 times, but it still like this=
(phhhulease.. you are not a real sailor moon girl anyway)

..opening soon..

=Icha with the "opening soon"=
(she hold the ID, but still can't get in)

..the bottle..

=which one is the bottle?=
(that's me with my silly face)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

..old skul boy..

=Re and his new shoes=
(I like his hair style by that time, it's 2 years ago I suppose)

Thursday, September 6, 2007


=Fishy face part two=
(gyahahaha what a damn face)


=Lia: I still have a tears to shed=


=I am who I am, I'll suffer that=
(a friend for today is a tomorrow's heartbreak)

..the painter and the cat..

=Re and His beloved Garfield=
(I miss them both)

=up against the future=

=look beyond, and you'll find yourself.. completely=

..wind talkers..

=my mom - caressing the wind= steps..

=you never know where it'll take you=


=Fajar - Eating a fire=


=Lia: salary increase please..=
(gyahahahaha what a face)

..balance: work & Chocolate..

=what a chaos=
(when office hour, everything got crazy)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


=What a cake=
(ruined but still yummy)

..fight for a cake..

=Erika (back): Okay hun, you can take the cake, but sleep in the couch tonite! =
(you never know what you gonna get)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


=Bang Maurice - the birthday boy=
(what a face..)


=Lia: can you create fishy-face like mine?=
(Gosh! you look like h3ll!)

Monday, September 3, 2007

..old bro..

=Mas Berman - Looking for a chicks=
(Ooo phhhleeesss...)


=Rafli: I want my crayon....=
(kids always cry when they cannot get whatever they want)


=Lia: I hate when the sky getting dark like this, hon=
(Poor Chaca............)


=Under the very heat of the evening sun=
(but it was worthed indeed-17an)


=I love watching them running in the sky=
(of course while my boss is not around) the dark.

=Iling: watch me die slowly=
(he always like to lay in the pile)


=Tjok: Now is my turn!=
(Maybe he's just tired for always seeing me capture other people's life)

..fight with the sun..

=look at that strength=
(I'm so damn melting.........)


=Lia: Look, I can loose my self=
(I miss her lately)

..the bike..

=Slowing the night=
(I felt like back to the old 60s era)

..out of control - banci kamera..

=Anti n Imi - My Best Friends=
(what a big eye, looks like alien)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

..double mess..

=Happy Scramble=
(Love it when she smiles again like this)