Monday, June 25, 2007


=This cat makes me crazy!=
(I think he likes book, as if he can't read, so may he thought that'd be better just to sleep on it)

..Naughty Cat..

=His Name is Kucrut=
(and he always being so damn asscat by bothering my readings)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

..My Cat..

=Kucrut got funny face on his back=
(he's my only friend)

..Taxi Driver..

=130 kph: Icha happily smile=
(.. and I'm totally puke when the car stopped)

..sadist abattoir..

=poor them=
(but since it tasted hell delicious, I don't damn care)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

..Bubble Face..

(Is there somebody lose a poo bear?)

.:This what called: L.O.V.E:.

=In our tiring day=
(it's good to see them like this > so Q.U.I.E.T) affair..

=How about if your wife knows about us?=
(please, be careful if you don't want to get cought)

..The Boss..

=Some Boss Could Really Make You Crazy=
(Believe me, He can talk for hell hours, non-stop!)


=Don't ever think, I wont share it with you!=
(Hunger is the most deadly and hardest thing to deal with)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


=Screw You!!=
(Not all people like to get pictured)

..Switch Off The Aircon..

=See? I will kill you! Ciaat!=
(fooling around like a kid is really damn fun)

..Urban Style..

=Do I look like Alicia Keys?=
(Well Lia, the truth sometimes hurt)

..Money Rules..

=Icha: "I don't want to pay your lunch again!"=
(if we deal with money: friend is no longer being friend )

..Drop Call..

=Why those damn operators can't make a better services?!=
(sometimes, days really gone wild, indeed)

..Fighting With Boyfriend..

=Icha: "I hate when you do that, honey"=
(Well sometimes, boyz do stupid things, cha)


=Can I stop here?=
(Zikry in the middle of a roller coaster) explanation..

=If you love me, please ...=
(kebetulan yang jijay banget)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


=One Hell of a weekend=
(Reality bites, Cha!)

..Thinking Hard..

=Sometimes life is a bit hard=
(but you can't stop, you still have to continue, one more step..)

..Meet Inu Kencana..

-a man of controversion-
(what the hell he's doing in the middle of the road?)

..Old Friends..

=Mas Tirta, Me, and Firza=
(We used to be troublemakers in our campus)

..Our Differences..

Dian Utami - My Cousin
(I wonder, within the same blood, we could be so.. different)

.:Being Honest With Life:.

=Gaya iCha, sobat gw, waktu ke Dufan=
(Persis kayak turis nyasar)